Home Sweet Gluten Free Home – A Challenging Day

The past seven months have been a rough season in my life. It seemed as if everything was happening to my family all at the same time. We decided to give up our business of three years…which was hard to let go of, but a good thing now looking back.

I started working for a company where I could work at home part-time…which is great.

School was about to start.

We sold our house…and were living at my grandmas at the moment. On top of that, we found the house we wanted to call our new home, but it was in bad shape and needed many repairs to be move-in ready.

I also found out I was pregnant…yay!

Everything seemed to be so overwhelming and nothing in our life was steady.

My kids seemed to constantly annoy me. I also cried a lot.


Although, the past seven months were challenging, I could say that the day I went to the doctors with my son Graham was a different kind of challenging.

That was a CHALLENGING Day that hurt my heart.

My middle son Graham had been experiencing symptoms for awhile now and my husband and I decided to address it with our doctor.

You never think that something could happen to you until it does.

For the past year maybe, Graham has been feeling different symptoms occasionally, but never consistent. He would randomly get headaches, stomach pain and diarrhea. As a parent I never want my kids to have pain or experience anything unpleasant.

All I can remember was walking out of the doctor’s office slightly overwhelmed and confused from all the information thrown at me.

The next week we were getting Graham tested to get diagnosed so he could receive the proper treatment.

All tests came back normal – meaning he has no autoimmune disease.

Our doctor wanted us to go on a gluten-free diet to see if symptoms would decrease by eliminating gluten. He felt that Graham might be sensitive to gluten.

Are you a mom with a child experiencing similar symptoms as my son Graham? Your child could have an autoimmune disease like Celiac disease, or just gluten sensitivity. According to Beyond Celiac, other symptoms could include bloating, nausea and joint pain. Learn about other possible celiac symptoms or non-celiac gluten sensitivity symptoms.

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